"All media should start having trigger warnings for graphic or upsetting content."

You mean like these:


reblogging because I didn’t know these

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how do you feel so alone when you’re surrounded by family? oh the perks of being the only teenager

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do u ever feel so obsessed with a song and even though it’s constantly on repeat you feel like it’s just not enough and it you just wanna marry it or something ????

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the thing is though everytime a girl compliments me on a dress/skirt with pockets and I declare THANKS IT HAS POCKETS her response completely changes from “oh that’s nice” to “FUCK ME BACKWARDS ARE YOU FOR REAL SHOW ME SHOW ME THE POCKETS”

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I just want a boyfriend who will call me a loser for liking One Direction, but he will shit on everyone else who makes fun of me

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adult: wow teen is frowning !!! must have attitude !!!!! moody !!!!!!

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Instead of just looking up into the sky, you’re actually gazing down into the infinite cosmic abyss, with only gravity holding you onto the surface of the earth.


i was not prepared for that

I just gasped like I wasn’t ready for that at all

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So my boyfriend started singing Do You Want to Build a Snowman, but he started with “Do you want to build a car, dude? Come on, let’s go workout” and decided that he was going to make his own manly musical called Brozen

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